Assembly Analytics

Designed with Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) in mind, Assembly Analytics offers you reliable benchmarks for comparing schools across a network, all in a live, online dashboard.

We partner with the best

We integrate with the following School Management Information Systems

Sims2017 Advanced learning Scholarpack Bromcom

Designed with input from leading MATs

Assembly’s approach to MAT Analytics, standards-based comparison, has been developed in collaboration with two highly-regarded Multi Academy trusts, Ark and Reach4. Assembly Analytics, focuses on metrics that can be tied to a standardised scale in order to create reliable national benchmarks.

Standardised Assessment

We are proudly working with these leading Standardised Assessment partners

Gl assessment Risingstars Renaissance Sharingstandards

All your most reliable metrics in one place

Assembly Analytics combines core operational metrics such as attendance, exclusions, and demographics (from your schools’ MIS) with standardised assessment data from leading industry names including GL Assessment, Rising Stars, Renaissance Learning and Sharing Standards.

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