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With a combined expertise of 20+ years Groupcall and Assembly have been the leading providers of data solutions to Schools and Multi-academy trusts. Being well-known and trusted brands, our solutions are used by 20,000+ schools across the UK and by over 100 partners. We are now proud to be part of the Community Brands UK family of market leading solutions to combine our collective market and technology expertise to create exponential value and advantages for our customers.

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Award Winning Analytics

Leadership and Management Solutions

Assembly Analytics won the Leadership and Management Solutions Award at the #BettAwards2020

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Collaboration is the solution for MAT technology problems

Highlights how the rise of the multi-academy trust can offer new ways for schools and suppliers to work more closely together.

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Assessment without levels: how are schools approaching it?

“More and more schools are using standardised assessments alongside tracking systems to benchmark themselves”

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Heads in the clouds

“It is like we have invented the car but we haven’t yet built the roads”

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Ark’s new ‘Assembly’ service seeks to help edu-tech start ups

Successful academy chain Ark is launching a new cloud-based service today to break open the market for start-up education technology companies, Schools Week can exclusively reveal.

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School Improvement Led

We exist to help schools use data to improve outcomes for students and to help them succeed. Everything we do has school improvement in mind.

User Focused

We believe that good design can help to simplify complex concepts. We care about making life easier for schools and developers alike.


Data security is central to everything we do. We set ourselves high standards and support those we work with to do the same. We will never share or use data without explicit permission.


We are open about how we do business and we share our insights and materials wherever possible to help the sector.