Assembly Analytics, the analytics and benchmarking tool for Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) and school leaders from Assembly, part of Community Brands UK, has won the Leadership and Management Solutions Award at the #BettAwards2020

2020 BETT Award Winners

Held annually as part of the world’s largest education technology exhibition, the Bett Show, the awards are a celebration of inspiring creativity and innovation in the education technology industry.

Bett Award Winners - Assembly and Community Brands

Richard Grazier, Managing Director, Community Brands UK, comments:

“The Bett Awards are a recognition of true innovation in the education technology sector and we are overjoyed to be the winner of the Leadership and Management Solutions category. Our company’s purpose is to improve the opportunities for all children by providing data and tools that enable school leadership to make more informed decisions. These tools also save valuable time creating the space so that teachers and staff can spend more time doing what they do best; which is to inspire, nurture and improve outcomes.

“Launched in 2017, Assembly Analytics now serves over 23 MATs around the country; with 19 going live in 2019. Grounded in the UK education system, we frequently listen to the market and make regular improvements to the user experience and the types of data covered, to ensure broadened sustainability.”

Assembly Analytics combines data from multiple sources, including the school’s Management Information System (MIS), into one easy-to-use platform, to enable MAT leaders to make more informed school decisions. The software visualises the data with clear and contextual dashboards that cover: progress and attainment, standardised assessment, attendance, exclusions, statutory performance data, demographics, and key finance and school operations data. Each dashboard analyses key data alongside national benchmarks to help MAT leaders understand trends.

Adrian Bantin, General Manager for Assembly, Community Brands UK, comments:

“An important point of difference with Assembly Analytics is its affordability and ease of use. Our experience shows that analytics products are often too broad and complex, replacing one area of friction with another. Assembly Analytics is different; with so much data available in a school we want to avoid making analysis more complicated than it needs to be. Information is streamlined and complexity is hidden, so leaders can really focus on spotting trends or areas for prioritisation and measuring what schools’ value most.”