Assembly Analytics

What is it?

The Assembly Platform connects school management information systems to other education software. We also provide tools that help schools to improve student outcomes by analysing their data more effectively.

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Data Analytics for Schools

We make it easy to connect your favourite education software to your existing school data in a secure manner, saving you time and effort.

Data Analytics for Developers

Our REST API makes it incredibly simple to integrate your product or programme with a school’s MIS (Management Information System) so you can focus on building a great product.

Data Analytics for Organisations

We handle the flow of data from school systems (including the MIS) to a wide range of school improvement programmes so you can better understand your impact.

School Analytics Explained

We integrate with your school data.

A Complete School Data Sync

Assembly integrates with the leading Management Information Systems

Assembly is a secure, cloud-based platform that connects to your school’s Management Information System (MIS) and extracts key elements of your school’s data and connects them to other applications. These applications allow you to extend, analyse and aggregate data you collect and store in school.

By using our Platform, you can quickly and easily connect your existing school data to a range of education apps so that you can spend more time understanding the data rather than creating it.

You control the permissions for each app that you connect on the Platform. If at any time you wish to stop sharing, you can manage this using your School Dashboard.

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