Assembly are proud to announce our new partnership with Pupil Progress! This partnership will be a cutting-edge integration that will allow schools to get the best of both worlds: the most accurate tracking and monitoring tool available combined with the most sophisticated trust level analytics.

We have interviewed Brett Griffin, CEO of Pupil Progress, to introduce their company and what our partnership entails.

About Pupil Progress

Pupil Progress is an easy-to-use pupil progress tracker that helps educators and schools take control of their performance data at subject, topic and skill level. The platform gives schools clarity and confidence when it comes to informing their curriculum strategy, lesson planning and teaching and offering personable support in understanding the human side of data.

The benefits of this are empowering for all:

Confident data understanding

The system is exam board specific. It breaks the course down into units and marks, which means everyone can see the raw underlying data that has informed your students’ grades. Clarity and trust increase so meaningful conversations occur and actionable developments unfold.

Empowered staff and motivated students

With access to accurate, live data, all staff members can identify and respond to any student performance issues without delay and in a personable, informed way. Reports show students where they are and what they need to work on, empowering them to have ownership over their progress, and helping you deliver greater outcomes.

Saving time and improved wellbeing

Time saved in getting a clear picture of your current position will be better spent on taking action to improve teaching and learning. Enter raw marks on pre-built trackers that instantly calculate student grades, giving you instant analysis ready to inform your next lesson, parents’ evening or report.

Greater performance outcomes

When you combine a consistent approach to tracking and analysis with transparency from raw marks, you can spot problems and all stakeholders can dive down to the raw marks informing your headline figures.

Pupil Progress’ Achievements

“To date, we’ve enabled 633 schools, supported over 13,430 teachers and achieved a five-star rating from our customers who tell us the meaningful and positive impact we’re having on them, their peers, the school and of course the students.” Says Brett, CEO of Pupil Progress. “Using the words of our customers, knowing we have built an effortless live tracker that contributes to the success of pupils, significantly reduces teacher workload and improves teaching efficiency and knowledge, and empowers people to more easily identify gaps so appropriate intervention that has real impact can be built.

“This is exactly why Pupil Progress was built. Having an amazing team of talented and intelligent people to deliver that too is something to be proud of. Our team has so much passion to support teachers, find solutions and make their lives easier. We are passionate about thriving together. Keep an eye on our website to put faces to the voices and the data soon!”

Our Partnership’s Goals

“We are looking to support schools with quality first attainment data and analytics.” Brett comments. “The purpose, and our passions, is to ensure that teachers know what to teach for the biggest impact on outcomes, that students know why they are learning what they are learning, and that school leaders know who they need to support.

“Assembly are at the cutting edge of data analytics with the Assembly Pro solution. We wanted to work with a company that is forward-thinking with its innovation. Assembly have a clear understanding of education and know what school leaders need to improve the life chances of our young people. The company is centered around a strong moral compass. We are excited to work with a company that would like to improve education, not service it.”

Keep Connected

For more information and updates about our partnership, keep an eye out on our social media linked below and blogs. If you’d like to find out more about our integration, please contact our team and schedule a chat!

Click here for Pupil Progress’ blog ‘Empowering Education with Pupil Progress

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