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Dan Stucke

Section Breaker

We would like to introduce Assembly, the award-winning platform for MATs. 

Having spent the last decade working with secondary schools and MATs on data strategy, we’re keen to understand your individual challenges and determine if our analytics solutions can be a great fit for your trust.

Assembly can help you in the following ways; 

  • MIS link pulls data automatically, eliminating spreadsheets and multiple formats across schools, affording you a single point of truth for improved decision making.  
  • Third-party partnerships such as CPOMS and Hodder, together with MIS data, gives you unparalleled insight and analysis into school operations, unlocking paths to operational efficiencies.  
  • Robust data management and reporting, reduces your manual workload and speeds up your contingency capabilities for any required policy or personnel changes.  

If you’d like a demonstration or would simply like to engage in some interesting discussion around best practices with data, let’s schedule a meeting so we can offer you a different perspective, additional insight and advice.