The Assembly and SMID teams are pleased to announce that they have become strategic partners.

SMID is one of the fastest-growing education data analysis services in England and Wales. Their goal is to track students’ performance throughout their secondary school journey. This enables them to identify patterns in pupils’ progress and allows them to plan interventions and support accordingly.

This integration represents what we hope will be a fascinating journey and a great step forward for trusts. Thanks to the integration with SMID, schools and trusts will be able to bring together previously siloed datasets, combining the power of their MIS data with their much-loved and used third-party applications.

Information calculated in SMID will be automatically available for analysis directly from the Assembly Pro service. The outstanding year, subject and student level progress and attainment data that SMID provides, combined with attendance, behaviour, exclusions, and characteristics data with Assembly Pro will allow school and trust leaders an unprecedented overview of each school in their MAT. As we approach the first set of external examinations in three years, combining this data will allow leaders to focus precious resources across their trust.

SMID and Assembly are delighted to work together to allow school leaders and teachers to spend less time collating and analysing data, and more time focusing teaching, learning, and pastoral resources on the young people that need them the most.

“We are tremendously excited and proud to be collaborating with Assembly. We share their commitment to providing MATs with precisely the right data… ‘In year’ data, which enables them to make the very most of their teaching and learning expertise and realise the very best outcomes.”

Steve Howse, CEO and Founder of SMID Report

Interested in what else we have planned for 2022, including further exciting strategic partnerships? Read our latest blog post and don’t hesitate to contact us to book a demo or ask us anything about Assembly!