The following contains a guide on how to upload Pupil Premium data to SIMS.



Downloading the DfE CSV File

·       Go to the Key to Success website (your username and password are the same as S2S).

·       Once logged in please select the Pupil Premium option for the latest school year from the menu.


It is important to download the DfE CSV file to a secure folder as it includes UPNs and sensitive information.

Importing and saving Pupil Premium information into SIMS from the DfE CSV file

·       Before importing the file please ensure the name of the file is the following format:

PP_data_schoolyear_LASchoolNumber_1.csv (eg. PP_data_1819_8234321_1.csv)

·       To rename a file right click on the file name and select rename. Make the relevant changes then click away from the file.

·       Having renamed the file import via Tools > Pupil Premium > Import

·       Select the Premium Type and Premium Type to update Pupil Premium Indicator.

·       Select the file importing.

·       Select Yes at the following notification (your date may not match).

·       Click on the import button that appears after you have selected the file.

·       Once the data has been imported click on save so that your school’s pupil premium information is up to date.

Manually marking a student as eligible for Pupil Premium

·       You can also manually mark a student as Pupil Premium by going to their student profile and ticking the “Pupil Premium Indicator” box and clicking save.