• Answers and further information on Assembly Platform’s frequently asked questions.

What is the invite code?

  • An invite code enables you to sign a school up to Assembly.  If you do not have an invite code, get in touch.

Why haven’t I received an email confirmation?

  • The email confirmation might have been filtered into your Spam/Junk folder or blocked by your internet provider, so please check both before getting in touch.

Why can’t I find my school to sign up?

  • To sign up a school you must use the official school details as listed on the official register of schools and colleges in England. If you are not on this list, get in touch

Why does it say my school is already signed up to Assembly?

  • The school could have been signed up by a different member of staff at your school, possibly servicing a different education application.

What do I need to know before I install the Assembly connector on our SIMS server?

Why can’t I download / run the Assembly installer?

Why does the Assembly installer say URLs are uncontactable?

  • Sometimes the school’s internet provider or an antivirus setting is blocking the Assembly URLs.

Where do I find my key and secret?

  • To retrieve this information, you need to login to the Dashboard and go to the Connector tab from the left panel of your Dashboard.

How do I find my SIMS hostname and SIMS database name?

Why do I need to grant these permissions to the Assembly SIMS user?

  • The required permissions are needed to set up the parameters with which data can be transferred, to sync the relevant data scopes for the intended education application. Read our guide for further information: Assembly: SIMS Permissions Explained.