Troubleshooting steps for Assembly Connector if it fails to connect to your SIMS.

       ·       For issues with proxy configuration and connecting to the Platform, please see the install guide
·    The Assembly Connector has difficulty connecting to SIMS on your server


·       The Assembly Configuration tool was not installed on a machine that has a local copy of SIMS installed.

· is not up to date on this server/workstation.

·       Connect.ini file needs updating.

·       The SIMS credentials entered into the Assembly Configuration tool are incorrect.


·       Ensure is installed on this machine, and that you are able to log in locally (not via the web).

o   If your SIMS environment is hosted by Capita, follow this guide: Configuration: Hosted SIMS External Connector for Assembly Platform.

·       Check the Hostname and Database in the connect.ini file normally sat in C:SIMS. If SIMS is installed on a shared drive (e.g. S drive), then you will have to look in S:SIMS.

o   Open the connect.ini and check the ServerName (or Hostname) and DatabaseName match the details you have entered into the Assembly Configuration tool.

·       Check the username and password you have entered for the dedicated SIMS user.

o   Can you log into with those credentials?

o   Check the permissions assigned matched the ones listed here [link to SIMS permissions article].

·       Is the SIMS credentials correct?

o   Check you have correctly entered your ‘Assembly’ SIMS user and password.

o   Check you have the correct group permissions for the SIMS user. Click here if you are unsure how to check this.

·       Does the server need a reboot after a SIMS update?

o   Make sure SIMS has completed any pending updates

o   After installing a SIMS update, the machine may sometimes need rebooting in order to make a connection.