This article contains the server prerequisites to check before proceeding with Assembly Connector setup.



Before attempting to install the Assembly Connector, check the below information:


1.       Installing on the SIMS server

·       If your SIMS is locally hosted, we recommend that the Assembly Connector is installed on your SIMS Server – or a workstation with a local copy of installed.

·       If you run hosted SIMS, you may need to request an External Connector from your hosted SIMS provider.

2.       Admin access on the server

·       You will need administrator rights to install the Connector onto the machine and start the Assembly Connector and Assembly Updater services.

3.       Supported versions of Windows are:

·       Windows Server 2012

·       Windows Server 2012 R2

·       Windows 7.1 SP1

·       Windows 8.1

·       Windows 10

4.       The Assembly Connector is not already installed on the machine

·       The Assembly Connector can only be installed on one machine at a time. If you wish to switch the machines it is installed on, you must first uninstall it and then reinstall it on the new machine.

5.       The local system account can access * URLs:

·       If you have network level filtering (such as proxy servers or firewalls), you should add an allow rule for * URLs to the web filter on ports 80 and 443 so that the local system account on the server can reach these endpoints.

6.       This machine is kept powered on at all times

·       We understand that reboots may be required to install important updates, but wherever possible the machine should be always booted up.