You were one of Assembly’s founding customers and strategic partners – what made you choose to work with them?


I started working in my role with the trust in September 2018, and Assembly was already a product they were using before I started. I have
worked in one of the Trust’s schools since January 2013 however so I had a little exposure to Assembly when they first introduced it.

I know that the Trust were looking for a system where they could view and analyse all the schools on one page, which would help us know which
schools needed a bit more support from them, and which schools were achieving great things.

Also, with schools differing in their MIS choice, a system that was able to extract data from different sources was key.

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school attainment


What problems were you experiencing with data prior to using Assembly Analytics?


Although I was not working in this role before Assembly was implemented by the Trust, I can imagine any data discussions would revolve around the use of spreadsheets and data manually calculated by staff.

If any schools had systems it would have been data generated from those systems, which then would have meant no standardised documents from each school.

Assembly gives us consistency and standardisation.

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What are the main benefits to your trust of using Assembly Analytics?


The main benefits are being able to see at a glance how the schools compare against each other and compared to national. Also, seeing the percentile ranking is great as it shows where we rank nationally. The additional feature of being able to see all the groups broken down is also fantastic.

The newer version of Assembly analytics is also much improved on the old. Apart from speed, the layout is far better.

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