Integration with cpoms

The safety and security of children and young people are of paramount importance to all of us. It is also a key statutory requirement for schools and trusts, and something that Ofsted pay close attention to during inspections. 

A handful of local authorities across the country are already starting to use predictive analytics for children at risk of harm to more effectively target their increasingly limited resources, and there is no reason why schools and trusts can’t go down a similar path to maximise the information they already have to hand. 

Professionals who work in safeguarding are already very adept at spotting high-risk cases, and analytics should never override their professional judgement and decision making. Instead, there is a lot of benefit to helping professionals make these judgements earlier and to get a more accurate picture of potential ‘grey area’ cases where it is not always clear what level of intervention is needed. The automated integration between Assembly Pro and  CPOMS will provide easy access to a trust level view for these professionals to identify and intervene earlier. 

Here are some key benefits of our game-changing CPOMS-Assembly Pro integration: 

  • Streamlined Data Flow: The integration enables a seamless flow of information between CPOMS and Assembly Pro, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing administrative burden. Key student data, including attendance, behaviour incidents, and academic progress, will automatically sync between the two platforms, ensuring real-time and accurate updates. 
  • Enhanced Safeguarding: By merging the strengths of CPOMS and Assembly Pro, schools can now have a holistic view of student welfare. Safeguarding concerns raised in CPOMS will trigger alerts and automatically populate relevant student records in Assembly Pro, allowing designated staff members to take immediate action and provide the necessary support. 
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics: Our integration empowers schools with comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities. Leverage the combined data from CPOMS and Assembly Pro to generate insightful reports on student well-being, behaviour trends, and academic performance. Identify patterns, implement targeted interventions, and track progress over time, all within a unified and user-friendly interface. 
  • Time and Cost Savings: With the CPOMS-Assembly Pro integration, trusts and schools can save valuable time and resources previously spent on manual data extraction and aggregation. By automating data sharing and streamlining workflows, staff members can focus more on student support, intervention, and promoting a safe and positive learning environment. 

We believe that this integration will revolutionize how schools approach student welfare, safeguarding, and data management. Together with Assembly Pro, we are committed to supporting educational institutions in their mission to provide a secure, nurturing, and inclusive environment for every student. Contact our team if you wish to find out more.