Designed with Multi Academy Trusts

For Multi Academy Trusts

Assembly’s approach to MAT Analytics has been developed in collaboration with a range of highly-regarded Multi Academy trusts, including Ark and Astrea. Assembly focuses on promoting high quality data that can be tied to a standardised scale, and so cross-referenced with reliable national benchmarks.

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Save Money

Reduce time cost by Analysing trends instantly to assist your leadership teams

Setup school analytics
Express Setup

No Need to wait around! Whole MATs can be set up within days

MIS Compatible
Cross MIS Compatible

Full Integration across multiple MIS, including SIMS, Scholarpack, CMIS, Progresso and RM Integris

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Stay in Control

Pupil and data security are central to everything we do

You control the permissions for each app that you connect on the Platform. If at any time you wish to stop sharing, you can manage this using your School Dashboard.

Pupil and data security are central to everything we do. Find out more in our Privacy Hub.

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Manage School Data with Ease

All your reliable school metrics in one place

Assembly Analytics combines core operational metrics such as attendance, exclusions, and demographics (from your schools’ MIS) with assessment data from either your MIS or standardised assessment partners. We work with leading industry names such as RS Assessment from Hodder Education and No More Marking. We can also incorporate your financial KPIs. Read our blog to find out more.

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Compare School Performance

Analytics for Multi Academy Trusts

school demographics

As well as our Platform for third party apps, we have also created school analytics products that help schools and Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) better understand their school performance.

Assembly Analytics is our flagship school analytics product for MATs. The tool combines core operational metrics such as attendance, exclusions and financial health with standardised assessment data from leading industry partners.

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Connect Your School MIS

Securely connect your school MIS (Management Information System) to our platform

Connect Your Apps

Grant permission to individual education apps to access information

Assembly Analytics for Academy Trusts

Unleash the power of your data with Assembly Analytics for Academy Trusts

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Analyse School Performance

Multi Academy Trust Benchmarking

There are an increasing number of tools available to use and analyse your school data. But using them often requires more effort and data entry.

Reduce time and effort by securely connecting your school data to our Platform.

By using our Platform, you can quickly and easily connect your existing school data to a range of education apps so that you can spend more time understanding the data rather than creating it.