What is Assembly Pro?

Assembly Pro is an intelligence data solution for schools and trusts providing easy to use data analytic tools designed to inform data-driven decision making for whole school improvement. The solution can support you in tracking student progress and attainment, behaviour and attendance and create a correlation between these areas. It surfaces the school information such as numbers on roll and pupil characteristics, but it also provides leadership teams with all their data analysis in one place.

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Assembly Pro

Complete Data Insights

Complete Data Benchmarking

Enhance Your MIS Data

Go beyond MIS data with our support for 3rd party systems

Trusts now have access to more information than ever before, typically all held in different systems. It is not unusual for trusts to have dozens of disparate systems, many of which were introduced to address a specific local need, but with no holistic vision of what the trust or individual school is trying to achieve with the data that is gathered as a result. This might include everything from attendance, behaviour and assessment systems, to those used in support services such as Finance, Safeguarding and HR.   

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School MIS Integrations

Collating MIS Data

Multi Academy Trust Attendance

We are working with numerous partners and third-party applications with a goal of providing their data alongside your core MIS data.

These include:

  • CPOMS – Safeguarding
  • Hodder/Rising Stars – Assessment
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CPOMS Schools

Working with CPOMS Data

The safety and security of children and young people are of paramount importance to all of us. It is also a key statutory requirement for schools and trusts, and something that Ofsted pay close attention to during inspections.

A handful of local authorities across the country are already starting to use predictive analytics for children at risk of harm to more effectively target their increasingly limited resources, and there is no reason why schools and trusts can’t go down a similar path to maximise the information they already have to hand.

Local authorities already have ‘triggers’ in place, (such as 20 unauthorised absences over a period of time) as benchmarks for when intervention might be required, but a wider use of data analytics could include a wide range of factors such as pupil premium status, raised in social care or sudden drop-offs in achievement on top of attendance to provide extra care and support earlier in the cycle to young people who need it.

Professionals who work in safeguarding are already very adept at spotting high-risk cases, and analytics should never override their professional judgement and decision making. Instead, there is a lot of benefit to helping professionals make these judgements earlier and to get a more accurate picture of potential ‘grey area’ cases where it is not always clear what level of intervention is needed. The automated integration with CPOMS will provide easy access to a trust level view for these professionals to identify and intervene earlier.

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How does Assembly Pro work?

On-Demand Data Reporting

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Assembly Pro works by periodically initiating data collections from providing clients, such as school MIS systems, using Xporter on Demand. The periodic data collections are controlled by the scheduler in Xporter Enterprise, which orchestrates data collections on schedule and on-demand:

  • On a daily or weekly schedule
  • At specific times during the day, e.g twice daily for Attendance to provide timely Attendance data at a trust level
  • As a one-time import e.g. for historic data

Xporter Enterprise forwards all received data to the Analytics operational data SQL instance which is then periodically processed into an Analytics SQL data warehouse instance. Your PowerBI integration then connects to the warehouse. The Analytics backend is securely firewalled and does not allow connectivity from client systems.

MAT Data Solutions

Choose how you manage your data


  • Automate data collection from MIS and 3rd party data sources
  • Visualise data in detailed and flexible ways
  • Power BI platform allows MAT specific customisation
  • Interrogate data down to individual student level
  • Integrate with Microsoft 365 tools such as Teams