Benchmarking for Multi Academy Trusts

Designed with input from leading MATs

Assembly’s approach to MAT Analytics has been developed in collaboration with a range of highly-regarded Multi Academy trusts, including Ark and Astrea. Assembly Analytics, focuses on promoting high quality data that can be tied to a standardised scale, and so cross-referenced with reliable national benchmarks.

Save time, money and resources with our modern solution to MAT and school analytics and simplify data in a matter of days. Interpreting data shouldn’t take a huge tech team and with Assembly anyone can do it! 


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Compare School Performance

School data at your fingertips

  • Assembly offers a tremendous balance between simplicity and functionality
  • Data can be accessed in seconds in a carefully managed structure designed to save you time
  • The minimalist look and feel is purposely designed to be easily understood by everyone
  • Remove the admin burden of collecting multiple schools data
  • Encourages collaboration between schools and the sharing of good practice across a trust

Analyse School Performance

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Analyse School Performance

Compare school data quickly and efficiently

school attendance

  • Quickly access information such as demographics, attendance, finance, attainment and many more
  • Easily compare each piece of data to the national average and data of previous years
  • Data can instantly be broken down into groups to analyse trends
  • Scrutinise data at a Trust level before drilling down into individual schools
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Manage School Data with Ease

All your reliable school metrics in one place

Assembly Analytics combines core operational metrics such as attendance, exclusions, and demographics (from your schools’ MIS) with assessment data from either your MIS or standardised assessment partners. We work with leading industry names such as RS Assessment from Hodder Education and No More Marking. We can also incorporate your financial KPIs. Read our blog to find out more.

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Responsive & Reliable

Navigate the application with ease

  • Rapidly navigate the application with ease and satisfaction
  • Access your account anytime, anywhere
  • Our dedicated team are always on hand to solve any issue you may have
  • Allows for easy identification of negative trends or problem areas so that proactive actions can be taken
  • Easily assess the impact of any changes
  • Clarity of visuals supports an easy user experience​ 

Compare School Performance

Complete School MIS Integrations

A Complete School Data Sync

Assembly is a secure, cloud-based platform that connects to your school’s Management Information System (MIS) and extracts key elements of your school’s data and connects them to other applications. These applications allow you to extend, analyse and aggregate data you collect and store in school.

By using our Platform, you can quickly and easily connect your existing school data to a range of education apps so that you can spend more time understanding the data rather than creating it.

You control the permissions for each app that you connect on the Platform. If at any time you wish to stop sharing, you can manage this using your School Dashboard.

mis integrations