Great schools want to do more with data

Assembly helps schools, developers and education programmes to use data more effectively by integrating school systems and enabling analytics.

What is Assembly?

The Assembly Platform connects school management information systems to other education software. We also provide tools that help schools to improve student outcomes by analysing their data more effectively.

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Easier for Schools

We make it easy to connect your favourite education software to your existing school data in a secure manner, saving you time and effort.

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Easier for Developers

Our REST API makes it incredibly simple to integrate your product or programme with a school’s MIS (Management Information System) so you can focus on building a great product.

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Easier for Education Organisations

We handle the flow of data from school systems (including the MIS) to a wide range of school improvement programmes so you can better understand your impact.

Authorize an app

A school authorises an app to access data from their Management Information System (MIS)


Connect your MIS

We connect the MIS to our secure platform and start extracting data


Integrate your data

Data flows from the platform to the authorised app


Add new Apps

Schools can authorise further apps at any time


Our Supported MIS

We currently integrate with the following School Management Information systems

Sims2017 Advanced learning Scholarpack Bromcom Rmintegris Arbor