What is Assembly Analytics?

Benchmarking for Your Multi-Academy Trust

Assembly Analytics – the country’s leading MAT Analytics tool and winner of the BETT Award 2020 for Leadership and Management Solutions. Our innovative dashboards combine key MIS data with standardised assessment and finance data to give you reliable benchmarks for your school and Multi Academy TrustAssembly Analytics focuses on promoting high-quality data that can be tied to a standardised scale, and so cross-referenced with reliable national benchmarks. 

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Designed by MATS for MATS

Developed in Collaboration with Multi-Academy Trusts

Designed by MATS for MATS

Developed in collaboration with a range of highly regarded multi-academy trusts, including Ark and Astrea.  

Ease Administrative Burden

Assembly automates the data collection and visualisation providing MAT’s with simple and easy to use dashboards with all their latest school data. 

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Reliable Benchmarking

Combine Core Operational Metrics

Compare School Performance

Innovative dashboards, combining key MIS data with standardised assessment and finance data to give reliable benchmarks for a school and Multi Academy Trust.  

All your most reliable metrics in one place

Assembly Analytics combines core operational metrics such as attendance, exclusions and demographics (from your schools MIS) with assessment data from either your MIS or standardised assessment partners.  

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MAT Data Solutions

Choose How You Manage Your Data

  • Automate data collection from MIS
  • Visualise data in simple and intuitive dashboards
  • Benchmark data against national averages
  • Compare school performance

  • Automate data collection from MIS and 3rd party data sources
  • Visualise data in detailed and flexible ways
  • Power BI platform allows MAT specific customisation
  • Interrogate data down to individual student level
  • Integrate with Microsoft 365 tools such as Teams